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January 11, 2017
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10 Must Have Cook Books from Around the World

cook book

cook book

With most of us being evolved cooks and self learners around the kitchen, we would most often than not, and by default refer to some go to recipes.In the times of google, that we live in it is almost entirely easy to google a recipe on a website, however there are some essential cook books we must keep with us to adorn your kitchen shelves as well as have a ready, beautiful and creative reference when we so much as need it.

My favourite list of books, (a few of them have a place in my kitchen too) I consider these as must haves, and are easily available in India too, so here goes:

Curry A fabulous book by Vivek Singh I have more often than not, picked this book to fix a curry or just get the sense of a curry from a different country. With the flavours and essence of this book, one is sure to pick up a good amount of tips and tricks to manage in the kitchen. Moreover, the book has a splendid array of imagery, makes my mouth water every time I glance through it. The best recipe, I’ve turned out so far from this book is the “Madras Meen Kolambu” give this South Indian one a shot. The book is easily available and in the price range of 300-500 INR. Happy cooking!

Simply Nigella: As the tag line suggests this one is “Feel Good Food” We all are familiar with this beautiful food goddess, who spins up the magic in her kitchen and shares those amazing recipes with us to take back to our kitchen and enjoy them too. This has been the latest edition to her collection of writings. This book has easy and fairly delicious methods to spin up finger licking food, which is comfort for the mind,body and soul. Priced slightly higher at 1200 INR and available right here.

Hymns from the soil: Vikas Khanna is one of my most favourite authors and chefs. He sure does make the India food fraternity of chefs proud with his brilliant work by way of the numerous cook books he has written. This one strikes a special chord, as it is pure vegetarian recipes cooked to perfection and easy to incorporate in any Indian home. With marinades, sauces, chutney and gravies this one has it all. Be sure to get your copy right here.

The Naked Chef: Jamie Oliver, has got to top the charts as being the eye-candy chef, with some stellar recipes. This particular edition has fairly easy recipes, with farm fresh produce being his highlight. He cooks clean and healthy more often than not and we can surely pick up the best methods from him right here. This is the best out of his numerous works, it also has sold the maximum copies. Jamie has an experimental way of getting the point across, that is what makes it more exciting to read and cook along.

Larousse Gastronomique: For every mainstream, and not so mainstream chef too, this book is the diamond of a kitchen enthusiast. From food terms, to food methods it has it all. You can easily go through each chapter with ease, and you will learn one hell of a lot as you flip through the pages.Heston Blumenthal called it “the definitive culinary reference bible” This book was published in 1938 and ever since then has been a go-to book for all your kitchen needs. It is an expensive one and latest editions are easily available.


Thai Food: David Thompson in this splendid piece has laid out Thai recipes with ease and minimal ingredients. This is a fairly straightforward cookbook and has imagery laid out in chapters and you can almost smell the ingredients as you envision spinning up the dish. A definite must try, soothing colours and flavours of this one help you pick up methods, which you could have earlier thought would be difficult to put in place. Buy it right here.


The River Cafe Cookbook: I consider this one a classic, but at the same time one that should be a part of your shelf. Invest in this one incase you are looking for some very authentic dishes, this isn’t as easy a book to adapt out of, but nonetheless it has the greatest learnings at your disposal. The book has a couple of editions and is a series, not necessarily one you should read in any particular order. This edition for starters would be perfect, to kick-start your journey. Pick it up right here.

Momofuku: Those looking to go a little deeper into learning, can pick up this master seller for some fine Japanese cooking, Renowned author and chef David Chang has made this a living masterpiece of  his work and it has sold a number of copies worldwide and still on the rise in terms of copies sold. Momofuku Ramen is a definite must try! Get yours right here.



Life in Balance: Donna Hay has turned out a great work of balance, clean eating, healthy alternatives and happy eating form the central theme of this one. The book is photographed well throughout and has some very impressive images, looking at these is all you need to feel motivated to get that hearty meal in place. Available at all leading book stores around the world but can be purchased with the click of a button.

The Food Lab: Kenji Lopez, last but no way the least on our list. This one is a marvellous, highlighting the possibility of what lies ahead. Well laid out and a master seller. This book allows us to view the kitchen as a lab and the sheer beauty with which it is written, makes for a work of art and a must have. With several splendid reviews and plenty to learn from this one go get it!

We do hope you can get your hands on some of these masterpieces of the kitchen. Take time out, hibernate, read up on these recipes and try some at leisure. Enjoy! Let us know if you come across any more of the kind that top your list.


Sneha Trikha
Sneha Trikha
A former chef and social media expert, I have honed my skills in the kitchen as a chef with The Park Hotels at the start of my career and then branched onto writing for Zee Khana Khazana, and handled social media for JSM Corporation (Hard Rock Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen as well as the other brands under the organisation) I am an avid reader, love wildlife, art in any form and am still a passionate home baker. I love to curate my own recipes and contribute to a personal food blog that i write on.

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