Power Packed Proteins Food of India
Power Packed Proteins
January 10, 2017
Stress it OUT Food of India
Stress it OUT!
January 11, 2017

The winter is in good form all over. And as Terri Guillemets once pointed out, “Hot Coffee and Cold winter mornings are two of the best soulmates whoever did find each other”, we have been looking up to grab that coffee mug as many times as possible during the day. No we aren’t the morning people, we are the coffee people. Aren’t we? All you need on a winter day is a good cup of coffee, warm socks and a book by your side. This is life! You hear yourself say. But is the day really made? Isn’t the stomach jumping, crying and asking for a companion for its dear coffee? It is right? Right! So here we go and tell you the yum snacks to pair your delicious drink with.

Pakoras, of all types and any types. Dal, Spinach, Cauliflower, Onion, Paneer or even Mirchi my friend. Nothing can beat the charm of hot, lip smacking pakoras and this is the evergreen, all season snack. They will always taste great.

Wadas, the best friends of Pakoras. When you are making pakoras just spare some time and fry the Potato wada, dal wad or medu wada with it. The more the merrier they say and we couldn’t agree more. And grind some pudina chutney with it please!


The vegetable cheese sandwich or protein rich Paneer sandwich, goes quite well with the coffee.

Boiled corns, our healthy friend is here to stay for long. No it’s not salad, it’s the spicy, chatpata, a dollop of butter melting on it kind of boiled corn one is talking about. By the way it’s a great midnight snack too.





Salted and masala nuts like peanuts, cashews, pistachios, et al. They are really filling and great for the body too. They provide enough heat for the season and if you aren’t fond of nuts much you can have popcorn which again has many variants from cheese popcorn to caramel and masala. They make a hale and hearty snack and also an easier one’s to make.



Enough of healthy one’s make way for the good old Aloo ka parantha with the butter and all the snacks will bow down to welcome it. Have you ever met anyone who dislikes this recipe? Never Ever! It works for kids to the oldies. There is nothing like getting up to the home filled with the whiff of parathas. Ajwain k Paranthe is other simple and basic variant but is quite a hit too. Then you have pudina, gobi, methi, onion, paneer, cheese paranthas. Winter is a great time for vegetables. The market is filled with fresh stocks so pick any and make it into a parantha!

There are then packet snacks like cookies, donuts, wafers, rolls, muffins which are delicious in their own right but we prefer the hot food to go with the coffee in winters. And the best thing thus will be make the snack (cheat here and order it), jazz up the coffee, take that woolen, switch on your favorite show and get this party going.

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