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Restaurant Checklist: Between menu and check
January 9, 2017
Power Packed Proteins Food of India
Power Packed Proteins
January 10, 2017
No Pick No Pop Please Food of India

No Pick No Pop Please Food of India

Do not pick nor pop your biggest nightmare. Yes the big pimple staring at you in the mirror. The ugly thing might tempt you to get rid of it as soon as you spot it but it will become permanent if you give in to the idea. So just resist and instead use one of the ideas below to either take it off or even make your skin spot proof.

Firstly take into account what is causing the havoc. The glands in your skin secrete oily, waxy matter called sebum which is necessary to waterproof your skin. But sometimes it can build up with dead skin and clog your pores resulting into blackheads and whiteheads. Further if they remain so for more days they cause large spots to appear, the pores swell and the evil called pimple is here. It all starts with clogged pores and the simple thing as you would have understood is to keep the pores clean to keep the face clear. Do not irritate them more by picking on them.

Secondly other than the weather, pollution and external things, our inner system has to be kept on check all the time. Everyone tells you drink water, more of it every time you talk about skin related issues. Yes they are right even if you are lazy or bored to follow the advice. Water constitutes 70% of our body. Isn’t this enough information for your intelligent self to take note? To put it simply a glass of water for every hour that you are awake. Easy enough?

Consult a doctor if you are facing these nodules regularly. Otherwise home remedies do work for once in a while appearances of these impurities on our skin. Make face packs of different kinds like Honey and Cinnamon or Oatmeal and yogurt if you have dry skin; green clay or fuller’s earth with little lemon and rose water for oily skin, and if you can take the smell nothing beats the egg white mask, it not only cleans but also tightens the pores. If you understand the worth of ‘no pain, no gain’ then simply use age old Indian way of washing face every alternate night before you put your night cream to wash your face.  Gram flour mixed with turmeric powder mixed using rose water (summers) or yogurt (winters) is actually the best pack ever for all types of skins. Nothing purifies the skin like the golden powder turmeric. A spoon of flour with half a spoon turmeric and Hola! beautiful skin.

And no this is not only meant for women out there but men too. They get less of these pimples because their hormones do not go for toss every now and then and also they don’t use makeup or too many products on daily basis. Please pay heed nobody likes a face filled with oil and pimples be it on a man or a woman. Applying a face pack regularly won’t make anyone less of a man. It might in fact add glow in your life. Literally!

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