What are the measures to control Cholesterol Levels
What are the measures to control Cholesterol Levels?
January 7, 2017
Restaurant Checklist Between menu and-check-food-of-india
Restaurant Checklist: Between menu and check
January 9, 2017
Foodunnitt: Having fun with food! food of india

Foodunnitt: Having fun with food! food of india

Eat, Pray and Love have been our mantra for decades now. And Food as you see holds the first place. Where will we be without food? We work for it, we are alive because of it and few like us are always dreaming about it. And it is certainly food that’s doing wonders to our body, breath, life, skin, hair and everything, everything! This serious- serious business of food still involves a lot of fun facts about it. Here is the list of some. Go read and enjoy the fun, funnier, funniest facts of the entity from near and far and fill yourselves with wonderment.

– Cucumber is 96% water, the best cooling agent for the body and thus the best hangover cure. First fact is keeping in mind the new year parties that just ended. Did someone say social service?

– Chocolates can kill dogs, it directly affects their nervous system. Dog lovers ready to give up on this sinful food?

– Carrots have zero fat content and loads of vitamins and fiber to make your body healthy. Like ZERO, enough information to stock it up in your fridge.



– Dandruff playing havoc? Boiling beetroot in water, cooling it and then applying the lotion on scalp every night will get it all clear. Gave you a beauty tip there!

– Wrigley’s Spearmint gums are more than 100 years old. That’s vintage food you are chewing!

– Gelatin is made from the skin, connective tissues and bones of animals such as cows and pigs. Vegan, Vegetarians please stay away!

– Almonds are a member of Peach family. Apples are from the rose family and so are pears, cherries, plums, apricots, strawberries. All are members of a wonderful family called Rosaceae Group. Now can we exchange fruit bouquets with our lovers?

– Another Apple fact- they float in water because 26 % of their volume is Air. Now with the variety of apples available in market from Australia, Michigan, Fuji et al, we are buying high priced air from various countries.

– Squeamish people don’t read this fact- Honey is actually the nectar and bee’s vomit combined. What a mocktail!

– Love the Banana Milk shake or the smoothie? Ayurveda lists them as one of the heaviest and toxic forming food. Still want to eat? Use really ripe banana and add cardamom and nutmeg to the preparation to make it digestible.

– People tell you to refrain from eating ketchup as it has sugar and preservatives right? By the way Ketchup was sold as medicine around 1830s! Now howzzat?

– Are you a fast food junkie? Then my friend you are consuming 12 pubic hair on an average in a year. Yes it’s true and No you can’t vomit them all out now.

– For special occasions a tribe in Africa called the Bedouin Tribe stuff a fish with eggs and put it inside a chicken. The chicken is put inside a sheep, and the sheep is put inside a camel and roasted. Yes yes that’s what really is STUFFED !!!

[Image Source: Unsplash.com]

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