Agriculture Minister, Gujarat Shri Vallabh Vaghasiya pays a visit to Khadhya Khurak Exhibition 2017 Food of India
Agriculture Minister, Gujarat Shri Vallabh Vaghasiya pays a visit to Khadhya Khurak Exhibition 2017
January 5, 2017
Challenging Caste Biasness an Indian Entrepreneur Has Begun Selling “Untouchable” Foods Food of India
Challenging Caste Biasness an Indian Entrepreneur Has Begun Selling “Untouchable” Foods
January 5, 2017

Vegan is the Way!

Vegan is the Way Food of India

Vegan is the Way Food of India

As we lead lives of severe stress and a build up of that ends up making us more unhealthy and unfit at a young age, wrong eating and gorging on junk food as well as not having time to rest well with demanding jobs and careers makes it next to impossible to manage our health. Off late however people are more aware, and have stopped treating their bodies like dustbins and are making conscious efforts to eat correctly and adopt Vegan eating, which is both clean and fresh. The term “Vegan” is coined and applicable to people who give up all food that involves animals and dairy or any form of cruelty to animals in the food chain.

Simple ways one should adopt these methods of Vegan food is by making Vegan shakes that substitute breakfast. Listed below is an easy recipe that can be made in almost any kitchen and at any time, all you need is a blender and ten minutes of your morning.

Vegan Spinach Power Smoothie


1 cup almond milk

1-2 handfuls of spinach

2 frozen bananas

1 teaspoon peanut butter

2 ice cubes

Method: Put all these ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy! Yes, it is that simple. This can be a great breakfast alternative for you. You may also consider making this and storing it in your fridge it is equally healthy and nutritious.

Among other things to watch for on the Vegan menu, is cashew cheese. Dairy is not consumed by vegan eaters as they enjoy keeping all animal products at bay, unless otherwise needed special cheeses and non dairy cheeses are made with minimal processing, with cashews and soy protein. Dry fruits, nuts and seeds are easily consumed and available in a Vegans kitchen.

Though to some, a Vegan diet can come across as invasive and having to give up a lot of regular food to eat right, clean eating still tops the list and it is not very hard to be Vegan provided what we are looking for by way of ingredients is easily available at your corner super market. To eat right, i do believe the first steps are to be able to think right. A clean mind invites a clean diet. There is immense study in the field of food to improve food quality and also see to it that the best ingredients reach your plate with minimal contamination and injected hormones.

It was only about 2 years ago, that people became exceedingly conscious of their waistlines and made it mandatory to change their habits. Eventually it is our habits that make us who we are. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle is a conscious change we make and not just something we do for a few days. This is something we inculcate as a long term change that then shapes us and makes us who we are, as we feel lighter and cleaner. There are some great books that have been written on Vegan eating, if you are looking to read up on the same here are a few that you should consider as a part of your library main street vegan and The Oh! She glows cookbook. These being the fun reads on vegan cooking, there is plenty available on the web that one can go through and implement as stepping stones to a healthy YOU!

In addition to basic Vegan recipes in food, dessert and baking has also got several people interested to try there hand at correct indulgence. Baking methods are plenty and easily available ingredients have made it easy to eat healthy cookies and at the same time manage weight and make sure no processed food is reaching your system and that in turn would help your over all being. Vegan baking is a great book with some good recipes to try.

It is interesting to understand that veganism is not only a diet, but also a lifestyle. Clothes, shoes and furniture are all part of a vegans checklist, as long as there is no cruelty to animals in the process it is inevitable that a vegan would shop only there. Vegan products are certified and bring forth a huge community of enthusiastic vegans together to spread a unanimous message of no cruelty to animals and love to all of mankind.

Giving up non vegetarian food is not only challenging, it is to some extent a health constrain to some who are active throughout there day, to ensure that you have a fair supply of protein it is necessary to increase the consumption of protein by way of Soy milk which is a very high source of protein in the diet. This ensures, you keep your vitamin levels in check along with giving up on some food. Health is the only true wealth. Money doesn’t make up for a healthy lifestyle. Vegans don’t only come with this mindset, they also believe in compassion having consumed non vegetarian food is a clear indication of ruthless cruelty. Most healers and spiritually forward people give up non vegetarian food completely, this not only helps them sustain themselves it clears the mind and thought processes as well.

Across the world now there are campaigns being run to say no to animal cruelty and also to enable more and more people to understand the lives of these animals are also contributing to the universe and eating meat can be considered an act of malice. The World Health Organisation has also spent time doing significant research in the area of Veganism and Vegan diets and supports and endorses the same as a way of life. Awareness on these concepts is what makes one able to understand the world we live in and the reforms that need to be in place to keep a positive cycle continuing without any negative patterns, if one animal is saved, it can go on to making a happier world a place worth living and loving in.

We love to hear back from you on what you think about Veganism and incase you opt to meet more vegetarian meals than meaty somethings, Do drop us a line in the comment section and lets start a discussion!


Sneha Trikha
Sneha Trikha
A former chef and social media expert, I have honed my skills in the kitchen as a chef with The Park Hotels at the start of my career and then branched onto writing for Zee Khana Khazana, and handled social media for JSM Corporation (Hard Rock Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen as well as the other brands under the organisation) I am an avid reader, love wildlife, art in any form and am still a passionate home baker. I love to curate my own recipes and contribute to a personal food blog that i write on.

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