Testing of Food from Safety to Adulteration Food of India
Testing of Food from Safety to Adulteration
December 31, 2016
Now Choose to Pay Service Tax when you Dine Out Food of India
Now Choose to Pay Service Tax when you Dine Out.
January 4, 2017

Food Trends to watch out for in 2017!

food of india

food of india

Where ever we go, food is the central focus of our lives. From fast food to clean foods, markets are largely dominated by what is good for you and what you can expect to eat more of. Let’s have a look a a few general trends that will take more impetus in 2017. Follow these and more to eat what is eventually right in the market and will continue to be a growing trend through the year.

Fermented Foods – These are pickled radish, tempeh, tofu and other vegetarian options are easily chopped and preserved in brine, they are slowly making their way into the fine dine and casual dine scene.  In addition to lending dishes a unique, acidic flavor, fermented foods hugely benefit the health of your digestive tract. snacking on kimchi, enjoying a bottle of refreshing kombucha, or adding flavor to your cooking with miso paste.

More Pizza! – Both delivery and massive chains have seen a huge spike in growth in 2016 and that will continue through 2017. Domino’s saw revenue grow 16.9 percent in the third quarter versus the prior year, due in part to strong same-store sales growth. The company said domestic same-store sales rose 13 percent in the latest period. Well pizza will continue to sell like hot cakes and there is nothing cheesy about that.

Value Meals – With more and more International QSR brands entering the Indian markets, Value meals with priced offers will continue to be the most consumed food in 2017. Grab and go policies of QSR chains, along with the central focus of some being a healthy model i.e. Subway make it easier for the busy corporate client to spend less time grabbing his meal.

Organic Food-  With populations globally moving away from old tastes and wrong eating. Vegan and Organic food has taken ground. With more customers moving toward a trend like this it is said to boom in 2017. The farm to fork concept of eating will be prevalent with less harm to animals along the food processing chain, and more benefit to the end consumers.With education on the rise, as dairy food takes a backseat consumers are now aware of what is going into their bodies by way of hormones that could be detrimental in the long run. Birds and animals are being injected with hormones which prove to be a health hazard for human consumption. Sourcing of ingredients is the key here and almost all major QSRs and restaurants are opting for cleaner vendors and better quality food.

Cold Brew Coffee- A rare trend in beverages , but nonetheless an important one all the same. Cold brewing is the process of steeping coffee grounds in room-temperature or cool water for 12 hours or longer, to extract a bolder flavor from the beans. Cold-brewed coffee can be found at chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, but don’t be surprised if other restaurants start picking up on the trend in 2017.

Healthy Chips- Kale chips were all the buzz a few months ago, and continue to a healthy way to snack and feel good about it too. Derived from drying and baking of Kale leaves, they are slightly more expensive in India, than in other parts of the world but they still have caught on with the urban fit community, who are now upping their game in terms of what to eat and when to eat. They are a little like fried spinach to taste and do not leave you feeling guilty for the most part.

Seaweed and other greens- Earlier predominantly used in Japanese cooking, these greens are now a part of regular diets and will continue to be through 2017. With less cook time and quick and easy to toss methods, these greens are easily assimilated and good for consumption. The health benefits of green leafy vegetables is enormous, right from benefits to the blood circulation to eyesight. All of these benefits make this set of foods a must in your diet plan.

Golden Latte’s – “Golden lattes are a drink made with turmeric, coconut oil, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, honey, and unsweetened plant-based milk. The reason this drink is gaining ground is because of its anti inflammatory properties. Turmeric is now classified a wonder food creating magic in the healing food space.

Teff Seeds – We have surpassed the flax seed and quinoa seeds, Teff is the new kid on the block giving us a whole range of health benefits that we must be conscious of in our diets boosting protein value up four fold. A single cup has 10 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber.

Coconut- A superfood that has emerged as a winner in the kitchen. It not only lowers cholesterol but also keeps your system clean and you happy and satiated. Switching to coconut oil was mapped as a major trend of 2016, which saw people getting rid of olive oil to use coconut oil. Coconut flour is also largely being used in bakeries to ensure a healthier functioning of metabolism and system.

Trends are replaced every year for better ones and they go from one level to another, ensuring that we as consumers make better health changes and ensure that we are eating right. Although all the trends are not health changes and there are some that fall in the domain of quick and junk food as mentioned before about Pizzas and Burgers etc. Largely, shifting our perception to better food choices and keeping up with trends can help us make the healthier choice which we may have otherwise overlooked conveniently. We urge you to make the right food choices in 2017 and stay up to date with the next big food changes that will come up as a result. Do you have any more trends to add? Let us know in the comments section of this article.

Sneha Trikha
Sneha Trikha
A former chef and social media expert, I have honed my skills in the kitchen as a chef with The Park Hotels at the start of my career and then branched onto writing for Zee Khana Khazana, and handled social media for JSM Corporation (Hard Rock Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen as well as the other brands under the organisation) I am an avid reader, love wildlife, art in any form and am still a passionate home baker. I love to curate my own recipes and contribute to a personal food blog that i write on.

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