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Globally, Indian Food Might Be On Its Way in Replacing Chinese Cuisine
December 30, 2016
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December 31, 2016

Worried about the calories? Binge right this festive season.

Worried about the calories? Binge right this festive season.

Worried about the calories? Binge right this festive season.

Was your christmas just spent eating one too many christmas cookies and oodles of christmas cake? We don’t always have to be guilty with the indulgence or should we say over indulgence? Here is a bunch of tips you can make do with to enjoy your New Years Eve in style.

“You have the power and you want to keep that power,” said Kimberly Gomer, MS, RD, Director of Nutrition at the Pritikin Longevity Center on attending a New Year’s Eve event. “Don’t beat yourself up, but stay focused.

1.Do not Fast or avoid eating completely – It is a common misconception that skipping meals helps one to drop those pounds, well not really when you are at a party eat right, avoid the cream and heavy laden snacks. you can always opt for the healthy starter that is being circulated.

2. Never enter the party hungry – Always stop eating when you feel half full, that being a golden rule for eating right and just enough. Drinking water or eating a fruit right before getting to the party will help a great deal. This keeps you partially satiated and you always know when to stop eating. Its always the mind that has more power over the stomach!

3. Go easy on the Alcohol – A drink to many, can hurt the weighing scale! Well we all love that feeling of festivity and indulgence, the only way to keep this in check is by opting for a safer spirit, wine being the safest bet, and anything in moderation is worth it. Limit yourself to two glasses of red wine and tank up on the water it helps balance the weight and keep toxins at bay too, keeping you beaming through the evening.

4. Work up that sweat- Rise early on the morning of NYE and go to your favourite session of yoga, a run in the park, a good session of cardio too. Exercise will help you feel healthy and pull through your day with no complaints and compromises. You will feel more energised and happy through the night, and be more comfortable in your heels too. Exercise is proven to improve mood and curb feelings of lack and unworthiness.

5. Plan ahead and stick to the plan- Before you reach the venue, decide that you will skip dessert and eat only the main course for instance. Whenever we have a plan in place we almost always have a direction and desired outcome. Make a diet planner and on days like these always have a cheat sheet ready of how much indulgence is ok? Have a set of calories that you will allow and stick to that. You will end up feeling better about yourself and not wake up feeling like the party was a mistake. Will power is the crux of everything in life, keep that alive and any goal is easily accomplished as a result of our thoughts.

6. Cutting back on Social pressure-We all know the pressures of being in a gathering and being almost forced to have a drink too many! Well there is a way around that, maybe a fresh lime soda throughout in your hand! Well yes, over indulgence is more a mind game and less anything other than that. It is proven that having a drink (non-alcoholic) in hand stimulates the mind to believe you are part of the party! Don’t compromise your own beliefs of weight management for a new years night out with friends. Where there is a will, well there always is a way!

7. Opt for a smaller Plate- When it comes to main course, opt for a smaller plate and makes sure the snack consisted of crudités and healthy vegetables. The plate being smaller shrinks the appetite and allows one to be in control.

8.Balance with other Fluids- Fluids enable that feeling of being full, be it water or any other healthy juices. So tank up more on fresh juice and water at the party, and you may automatically eat less. This will keep your metabolism pumped up too and you won’t have too many regrets the morning after.

9. Talk about how hard you have worked on your fitness- This may sound strange, but yes if you make your fitness a topic of conversation at the party, chances are that you may end up inspiring a bunch of your friends and they won’t force you to over indulge. It take an enormous amount of time to earn that body, and a slip between the cup and the lip can end up making you gain a few inches, not worth the hard work.

10. Calorie Tracker– Either keep a manual tracker or a fitbit handy and know exactly where you are in terms of your goals. Have you had enough water for the day? What is your calorie count in terms of food? These manual or automated apps on your phone or wrist band could well be a great way to keep you ahead of your plans and diet regimens.

11. Sleep enough- To avoid those hangovers from running you down, make sure you sleep enough whether the night before or the morning of the party. Do not schedule the parlour last minute, but make sure you pack in that power nap so you can be on your feet and not have to deal with dark circles that late nights run us down with.

12. Prepare well for a hangover situation- The next day could well be dull with a hangover, but incase you plan well with a hangover cure, such as party smart or morning fresh you would be able to deal with those headaches effectively.

We wish you a Very Happy New Year 2017, may you bring the year in with blessings, love, happiness and with our tips a great and very fit body too! There are always smarter ways to shed the pounds and keep them off without losing your peace of mind. For greater knowledge on the subject do read this book Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight.


Sneha Trikha
Sneha Trikha
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