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December 29, 2016
Worried about the calories? Binge right this festive season.
Worried about the calories? Binge right this festive season.
December 30, 2016

Globally, Indian Food Might Be On Its Way in Replacing Chinese Cuisine

Globally, Indian Food Might Be On Its Way in Replacing Chinese Cuisine Food of India

Globally, Indian Food Might Be On Its Way in Replacing Chinese Cuisine Food of India

Chinese cuisine as we all know it is one of the most popular cuisines around the globe. However, on the similar note, Indian food is giving Chinese food a run for its money by making its way to the plates of foodies around the world, says celebrity chef Ajay Chopra.

Indian food is one of the most diverse and distinguished cuisines comprising of an array of flavors. Everyone who has tasted Indian food would contemplate it to be having something for every stomach.

Chopra at a recent interview cited that Indian is surely making an everlasting mark on the global map. And gradually, it is replacing Chinese food in terms of being the second most favorite after the native cuisine globally. He claims that India food has a lot of components that serve the purpose of being a well-rounded cuisine, comprising of varied flavors, textures, and aromas.

Ajay Chopra has been known for a while now as a widely travelled food expert, who hosts a well-renowned cookery show called “Northern Flavours” on the “Living Foodz” television channel. He explains through his experience of travelling across the world the common factor to be the passion and love while cooking among the food connoisseurs. He says,

The heart of all cooking techniques all across the world is similar and made with passion and love.

During the interview he was asked to comment on South Indian cuisine vis-à-vis North Indian food. He began by explaining that North Indian food depicts a tasteful, vibrant, and quirky whilst the usage of fat and flavorings is on a higher ratio, similar to the personality of North Indians. As a result, the food stands out to be enjoyable and delectable for people around the world. He further added that the Indian cuisine by and large has one thing in common. It is that the local delicacies always depend a lot on very local and regional flavors and produce. He stated that the predominance of flavors lies on the hand of the local produce, catering solely to the major difference. Nevertheless, local produce shapes the local delicacy and therefore the consumption pattern. It is generally due to certain staples that both the cuisines depict huge difference within their consumption patterns.

As he explained, South Indian food comprises the heavy usage of curry leaves, coconut, whole spices, and different chilies, while the North Indian food derives a lot of flavor through its home churned butter, regional spices, cream, and so on.

The currently working Executive Chef at The Westin Mumbai Garden City, Ajay Chopra said,

Although both the cuisines have their own distinguished offerings in terms of flavors and other elements, North Indian cuisine is slightly more preferred by most, especially me.

On an ending note, he stated that the true offering of the Indian cuisine at large is variety and this is by far one of the major reasons why people around the world are switching to Indian food from Chinese.

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