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December 25, 2016
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December 27, 2016

Traditional Dishes That Became a Part of the POP Culture

Traditional Dishes That Became a Part of the POP Culture Food of India

Traditional Dishes That Became a Part of the POP Culture Food of India

At an age where phones are the first of things that find our eyes as soon as we wake up in the morning, we solemnly become perhaps an unintentional part of the POP culture. The so called “POP culture” defines our regular habits, instincts, and sometimes even opinions. For those of you who aren’t aware of it, “POP” stands as an abbreviation to “popular”. Therefore, POP culture refers to the most common attribute that we all reflect unconsciously due to dogma. Although there are a lot of things on which we all may have a singular outlook, there is one particular area that we all uniformly preach. And, it is tasty food.

Tasty food, as a phrase is supposed to be a paradox as we all have different mindsets, desires, and tastes. However, it is curious, how we all refer to the same dishes as tasty as the person next to you. It is a fact that certain dishes have marked their greatness in millions of tongues. So much so often, those certain dishes, which were originally invented ages ago, have remained till date as favorites of most. These dishes are so common and have become such a huge part of the POP culture that we don’t even seem to remember that they are traditional dishes.

So, to reminisce on our Indian heritage and legacy of food, here are some of traditional dishes that have become a widespread part of the POP culture:


Known for centuries now as one of the most distinct rice dishes that gushes with an aroma like none other. Several spices are incorporated in this one dish which makes it so delicious. A lot of us would agree that with Biriyani on your platter, you need nothing else. A standalone traditional loved dish that is equally loved in this age as it used to be since its invention.


A variation of the popular dish dimsum, hailing from the North Eastern region that borders Nepal has been ruling the appetite of people since generations. Although being a Northerners food at first, it has now spread to even the remotest corners of the country and quickly achieved to be one of the favorites among Indians. It is light, quick to prepare, and tasty to its core. Yet another traditional dish that has managed to become ever so popular in these times too.

Gulab Jamun

In the literal sense of it, they are little balls of dried milk. However, most would agree that they are little balls of heaven. According to the usual conception, Gulab Jamun is the most popular sweet dish in India that had been first cooked centuries ago. The dish is so old that it forms a significant part of quite a few ritualistic practices of Hindus as well. We might forget about its age as we get lost into the sugary delight, however, the fact remains that it is not only a traditional dish but an ancient one too.

Pani Puri

Exquisitely exotic, as confessed by the foreigners, Pani Puri has made round not only in India but across the world and failed to disappoint a single taster. This wondrous snack is unquestionably the most famous street snack at present; nevertheless, the dish is so old that the period in which it was first made is uncertain. It is one of the most loved and tasty traditional dish. Wouldn’t you agree?


Mountain shaped burst of flavors might be one of the appropriate descriptions of this ever so popular dish. Worldwide recognition of this Indian traditional dish is unparalleled. Although it has always been a popular snack, the dish originally came to India from the Middle East. It was around the 900 AD that the recipe was invented, making it one of the oldest dishes that is so popular even today.

Although the list could’ve continued, it would’ve been never ending. Nevertheless, these five dishes showcase the rich heritage India prevails, particularly in its food.

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