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The Flavours Of South India

The Flavours Of South India Food of India

The Flavours Of South India Food of India

So you think Indian food is just chicken tikka masala and palak paneer?  Think again.

Recently, I’ve settled into a familiar morning routine: a masala dosa and sweet milk coffee in a simple canteen just down the street.  Attendants make their rounds with metal pails full of sambar and colorful wet chutneys, ensuring that all customers have ample supply, more than enough to eat



Welcome to the south india . Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are the four states that constitute South India . Generally South Indian dishes are spicy. It has brilliant blend of flavors, bright colours, smell, and taste. So, south Indian foods are enerally tasty, spicy and colourful

Andhra cuisine from Andhra Pradesh is too spicy. They use more chilli and pepper. Chettinad cuisine from Tamil Nadu is rich and flavourful taste. Coconut, banana are main ingredients of Kerala food.


Thus , the reference of South India reminds of Coconut Chutney and tomato chutney of Kumaran’s. Unlike the north indians the people didnt like to show off.

Whether it’s the transport prices or the food , everything is relatively cheaper in the south needless to say that The people are busy among themselves.

Welcome , the “ Flavours of south india “ , a multipart series that takes you through the hidden lanes of south india bringing out the best of hidden jewels of the south indian cuisine

South Indian cuisine? Isn’t all Indian food the same?” you might ask.

Not at all, even by the standards of my amateur taste buds.

South Indian cuisine is distinct. If you don’t think so, just get a food passionate northerner and southerner from India together in the same room and ask, “Which is better, food from the North or the South?”


Here’s the deal with Indian food:  most Indian restaurants in the West serve northern Indian (or Punjabi style) food – rich, creamy curries and sauces; dishes like butter chicken, navratan kormatandoori baked meats and naan bread.

In southern India, vegetarian meals are the norm. Instead of the cream, South India goes for seeds, popped spices, tomatoes, and various dals (lentils) used as accompaniments. Theirs is also a style of eating that incorporates light meals and snacks,


Hope this space is a Fun to watch.

As I strike the final key, I’m preparing to leave for the airport and planning a dinner strategy. I think it’s time to hit the cafeteria for one last dosa before boarding my flight

Stay Hungry, Stay Hungry. Ever.

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