Why it is a must to have spices in your food Food of India
Why it is a must to have spices in your food!!
December 14, 2016
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December 16, 2016

10 Most Essential Dietary Inclusions

10 Most Essential Dietary Inclusions Food of India

10 Most Essential Dietary Inclusions Food of India

Nobody wants to lead an unhealthy life. Therefore, people must eat healthy to avoid getting diseases and health problems like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes or any other. There are certain foods which are rich in nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and many others. And as we know, in order to maintain one’s health, all the nutrients must be taken in equal quantity. The Indian food diet is a mixture of all components of a healthy diet and is thereby the most reliable source of gaining health from our eating sources. There are certain Indian foods which one must include in one’s diet. The 10 most vital Indian foods that you need to include in your diet are:

1. IDLI: This South-Indian delicacy is a deadly combination of health and taste. Idli is an Indian food made out of a batter of rice or Suji, and is usually consumed with Sambhar and various chutneys like Coconut chutney and Imli chutney. It is a very light meal which won’t make you feel bloated or heavy at all and is very delicious. Not only that, due to the low ingredients used in Idli and due to its creative cooking style, Idli is also an extremely healthy Indian food and the one which you must include in your diet.

2. UPMA: Another healthy Indian food from the Southern part of the subcontinent, Upma is made of Wheat Rava (Semolina) or Coarse rice flour. Usually consumed in the breakfast meal, this Indian food offers its consumers abundance of health complimented with taste. It is one of the most liked Indian foods for breakfasts.

3. RAITA: Raita is made out of curd and is an extremely crucial Indian food for anyone who is looking to lead their life in a healthy manner. It offers many nutrients like potassium, protein and sodium. Various vegetables and fruits can be added to the curd turned into Raita along with spices like Kaali Mirch, Laal Mirch, and many more.

4. PANEER: As we all know, Paneer is the richest source of protein and therefore, one cannot go without adding this to their 10 most important dietary inclusions. This dairy product can be turned into a number of Indian foods like Shahi Paneer and Paneer Makhani therefore adding taste to the immense amounts of health.

5. VEGETABLE CURRY: Vegetable is a famous Indian food which includes a number of vegetables. Every vegetable is extremely important to consume a healthy and balanced diet, so having a food which includes a number of vegetables mixed with various spices is a perfect source of health and taste.

6. DAL: This Indian food is popularly known as one of the richest sources of proteins around the world. There are a number of Dals that one can consume according to one’s taste and preferences, like the Urad Dal, Kaali Dal, Peeli Dal, etc. Dals are an extremely important source of health and therefore, it is very vital to include one Dal every day in your meal.

7. SAAG: This green vegetable comes around famous and takes over all other green vegetables. It is probably one of the most loved green vegetables in the Indian sub-continent. Not only does this Indian food win the heart of million due to its impeccable taste, but it is also so healthy that this Indian food seems like a gift straight from the Gods.

8. GAJAR KA HALWA: Another winter specific dish, the main ingredient for this famous Indian food (dessert) is Gajar (carrot). Carrots have many health benefits and can heal and prevent a number of ailments; therefore, eating Gajar in the form of Gajar ka Halwa can be no punishment. This Indian food is both healthy and lip-smacking.

9. AALOO SABZI: Aloo Sabzi is a very popular Indian food that is casually cooked in every Indian household. It is very easy to cook and it tastes as good as any other Indian food in its own way. Potatoes (Aloo) have a number of health benefits, and therefore this is a crucial Indian food to be included in your meal.

10. FRUIT CHAAT: Fruit salads are probably the easiest to prepare out of all the listed foods and they offer the same amount of health, if not more. It can be prepared according to one’s choice and taste and can include as many fruits as desirable by the consumer. More fruits mean more health and more taste. This essential Indian food shall be an important part of your breakfast.

These Indian foods offer taste and health for the consumer and the majority of them are very easy to prepare and easier to consume. Include these Indian foods in your diet and walk towards a healthy life.

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