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December 10, 2016
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December 13, 2016

PM Narendra Modi Announces Changes in the Food-related Industry

narendra modi Food of India

narendra modi Food of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently attended an inaugural event of a cheese and whey plant set up with state of the art technology at a cost of 350 crore rupees at the milk co-operative dairy plant of Banas dairy in Deesa in Banaskantha district of Gujarat. The milk for this project will be drawn from the famous Kankrej variety of cows. At the event, Mr. Modi gave a phenomenal speech which included the importance of farmers and how dedicatedly they work towards our nation and the food industry, he also mentioned his problems with demonetization, and introduces some important and significant changes in the food industry. Along with the cheese and whey plant, Mr. Modi also inaugurated a honey plant, Banas bank with online and mobile facilities and also released a book.

PM Narendra Modi also inaugurated a state of the art Amul cheese plant at Banas Dairy. The cheese plant produces the capacity of 50 tonnes per day. One of the changes introduced by Prime Minister Modi was the launch of ‘Amul Deshi A2’. It is cow milk that is targeted towards the people who consume pure cow milk from various indigenous breeds of cows. The plan will be marketed to other states of India but will be only marketed in Ahmedabad to begin with. Prime Minister Modi mentioned the increasing farming of honey in this region of Gujarat and said that there will definitely be a White Revolution in Banaskantha which will be accompanied by a Sweet Revolution.

Prime Minister Modi praised the farmers of Banaskantha for producing potatoes on such a large and successful scale. He mentioned Deesa (in Banaskantha) as ‘Asia’s largest potato producing hub’. He gave immense credits to the farmers of Deesa who made this possible through their hard-work and efforts and also changed their lives without relying on anybody else. Prime Minister Modi boldly gave numerous credits to the farmers around Gujarat (as well as India) for creating such a strong agricultural segment of the country. Having made a mark as Asia’s largest potato producing hub, Deesa in Banaskantha is writing a new history for the generation of farmers to come.

The Prime Minister also laid emphasis on the importance of irrigation for the agricultural sector. He mentioned drip irrigation and said that it will deeply help farmers to increase their agricultural productivity. Having told the importance of water, Mr. Narendra Modi said that every farmer will be given this basic necessity. Prime Minister Modi, as always, made an influential speech and made a deep impact on our farmers and the food industry. The changes mentioned by our honorable Prime Minister will definitely lead our country’s food industry into a better future.

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