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5 Ways you can have to that Flat Belly, too!
November 29, 2016
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November 30, 2016

What does an Ideal Breakfast and Lunch look like?



A healthy diet is a very important aspect of leading a good life. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy diet, a person must have healthy meals like breakfast and lunch. People nowadays don’t have time to cook or wait for healthy meals and instead rely on the junk food and the fast food for their survival. But we cannot label fast food and junk food as part of a healthy diet and, thereby, these foods are not the way to a happy and healthy life. However, traditional Indian food has a number of things which can easily be included in the healthy diet. A number of the Indian foods are also recommended by dieticians and nutritionists to be included in the healthy diet of their patients. Given below is the ideal breakfast and the ideal lunch constituting of different Indian foods that a person should consume in order to eat a healthy diet and stay healthy.

The Ideal Breakfast

  • Dosa: Dosa is a famous South-Indian dish which is one of the most popular dishes of the Indian food. An even better option is to have adhai, which is the whole wheat dosa. Dosas are easy to prepare and make for a fulfilling and healthy breakfast. It is a great food for the healthy diet and has been the pride of the Indian food for the longest time.
  • Idli: Another Southern pride of the Indian food, is a very healthy food which is tasty and just perfect for breakfast. They are full of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates and are made with no oil or masala, which makes them a very healthy Indian food and a great addition to the healthy diet that one should be having.
  • Upma:. It is made of suji and can be prepared within minutes. One can add vegetables to it, if they please. Upmas can be prepared easily and is a favorite breakfast dish from the Indian food. It is a great way of sticking to a healthy diet and maintaining your wellness and fitness.
  • Daliya: It is a very simple dish to make which takes little time but promises full health. This Indian food is rich in complex carbohydrates and fibres which make it a doubtless addition to one’s healthy diet. You can also add nuts like almonds and cashews to this healthy and light snack.

The Ideal Lunch

  • Brown rice: Thisis the whole grain rice, which has the inedible outer hull removed. Brown rice is very healthy and is a must to be included in your healthy diet This Indian food offers health in innumerable ways and a perfect substitute for white rice. A number of other recipes can also be cooked using brown rice, therefore giving you more healthy options for your healthy diet.
  • Mixed Vegetable: Mixed vegetable defines itself and that is why it is an integral part of your healthy diet regime and an ideal lunch. It is an Indian food which is highly liked as it has many different recipes across the continent. One gets all the essential nutrients from this delicacy as well as taste.
  • Raita: Curd or yogurt is extremely healthy and therefore, a definite part of the healthy diet In the Indian food land, curd or yogurt is turned into raita which often has boondi or vegetables like cucumber and tomato in it.

These food items promise a great meal which further promises a healthy diet resulting in a healthy and happy life. Indian food is both fun and healthy and a little more experimenting can make it more fun and offer one a greater amount of health.

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