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Do you Feel Low on Energy in the Middle of the Day? Here’s the Reason why!



The majority of us feel low on energy in the middle of the day. This feeling is popularly known as afternoon fatigue. This feeling of tiredness is usually felt between 2 p.m-4 p.m. Due to being low on energy, you cannot focus or concentrate on the work that you are doing, you are not very alert, you have a constant feeling of sleepiness. This happens because people tend to avoid eating a healthy diet to keep up with their busy lives. The following are, the more detailed reasons of why people feel low on energy during the afternoon:

  1. Your lunch was full of carbs: Eating a midday meal filled with carbohydrates can be one of the reasons of feeling low on energy. Foods like pasta, white bread and chips are full of carbohydrates and leave you feeling tired and low on energy. This happens because these carbohydrates first result in the rapid increase of blood sugar and then the blood sugar decreases. An alternative to this reason is to substitute your carby diet with a healthy diet. Indian food like vegetable curries, chappatis and raita are low in simple carbohydrates and a very effective and healthy diet to stay far away from afternoon fatigue.
  2. You’re in need of more water: Dehydration is another reason for feeling low on energy during the afternoon. A healthy diet consists of a lot of water. Dehydration may happen with even a loss of 1.5 percent of your body’s water weight. Even mild dehydration can cause you to feel low on energy. Therefore, stay hydrated throughout the day and keep sipping on water at equal intervals.
  3. You’ve been sitting still for far too long: Another way to save yourself from feeling low on energy during the afternoon, apart from taking a healthy diet and drinking loads of water is to keep moving and not sit still. This happens because the body associates sitting still or motionlessness with sleeping and, thereby, the energy levels of the body drops down. Make sure that to save yourself from feeling low on energy, you keep moving and stretching.
  4. Drop in the body temperature: You may be feeling low on energy because your body temperature dropped. This drop happens due to the release of a snooze-inducing hormone called melatonin. When the body temperature drops, the body automatically becomes sleepy and feels low on energy. In order to save yourself from this, take a walk out in the sun after consuming your healthy diet or listen to some upbeat music.
  5. You are stressed: Stress is another reason of feeling low on energy. Stressed individuals have a tired mind, which eventually results in a stressed body. Aches, pains, and tensed muscles. Chest pains, rapid heartbeat, and insomnia are a few physical effects of stress. Insomnia does not allow a person to sleep at all or properly during the nighttime, thereby leaving the person feeling low on energy during the afternoon. In order to deal with stress, keep your mind and body relaxed and the primary way of doing it is consuming a healthy diet, like Indian food.

The feeling of being low on energy is not very pleasant and distracts you from the work you are supposed to be doing. Thereby, dealing with it is very important. The best way to do so is by taking a healthy diet. Indian food, as we all know is a very good example of a healthy diet as it has medicinal ingredients which are not only very healthy but also pretty good in taste. Substitute your unhealthy eating habits with a healthy diet and junk food with Indian food. This way, you won’t feel low on energy during the afternoons at all.

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