November 20, 2016
5 major foreign fast food brands and the revelation of their pitfalls 
5 major foreign fast food brands and the revelation of their pitfalls 
November 21, 2016

Sonu Sood made his six packs by being all vegetarian

foreign brands

foreign brands

Sonu Sood is a very popular actor in the Indian film industry. He made his Bollywood debut in 2002 and is widely known for his physique. He has brought some of the very interesting characters to life. His portrayal of Chedi Singh in “Dabangg”, impressed fans and critics, alike. Born in Moga, Punjab, Sonu is slowly making his mark in Bollywood films. His work in Jodha Akbar, Dabangg, Shootout at Wadala, is widely acclaimed.

The Indian film industry is known for its competitive nature. Actors have to undergo a mental and physical transformation in order to portray many characters on screen. This helps them to stay on top. Sonu himself went through a lot of physical transformation for “Dabangg”. He developed a rock solid and chiseled physique. He is applauded for his muscular body and it has earned him a lot of female fans as well.

Sonu is a fitness freak and never misses the gym. Even when he’s away for shooting, he takes long walks and jogs in order to stay fit. He works out for at least two hours. His workout includes cardio exercises, workout for abs, weight training, jogging, etc. He is very dedicated and puts in a lot of effort during his workout sessions. He believes that there is no shortcut to fitness, therefore you need to maintain a strict regime. He also thinks that a happy and stress-free mind keeps the body healthy.

The diet is central to build a well-toned muscular body like Sonu’s. You need to have a diet that is full of proteins and nutrients. Contrary to common belief, a Vegetarian diet is as good as a non-vegetarian diet. Vegetables are full of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc.

  • Sonu himself is a Vegetarian but eats eggs. His diet is full of grains and lentils. He doesn’t smoke or drink.
  • His early morning meal includes Muesli or Wheat flakes, fruits, and fruit juice.
  • For breakfast, he eats an omelet made from 8 egg whites.
  • Lunch is very healthy. It comprises of dal, sabzi, roti, and a bowl of curd.
  • He eats soups, salads, vegetables, and chapatis for dinner.
  • He likes to have his protein shake after a workout with salads and sprouts.

Sonu has built his whole physique on a Vegetarian diet. This proves the fact that vegetarians too can have a good muscular body. Because if Sonu Sood can do it, you can do it too.

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