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November 21, 2016
November 22, 2016

5 major foreign fast food brands and the revelation of their pitfalls 

5 major foreign fast food brands and the revelation of their pitfalls 

5 major foreign fast food brands and the revelation of their pitfalls 

The fast food revolution is not recent but it is a classic in its nature. It has taken years for the fast food industry to capitalize on the people’s need to have quickly served food. An industry that began in the early years of the 20th century, it has been growing up ever since and now in the 21st century its bigger than ever. The relative spending on fast food is more than the spending on cars, computers, movies, and books, combined. Earlier, the household budget was hugely spent in cooking meals at home, but now more than half of the same budget is spent on fast food. An average American spends about 1200 dollars a year on fast food. By the year 2000 the American fast food market had a size of 110 billion dollars, while it was worth just 6 billion dollars just 30 years ago in 1970. This shows us how exponential the growth of this industry has been. Much of this growth can be attributed to some of the biggest fast food giants such as McDonald’s, Domino’s, KFC, etc. With the domains of fast food businesses spreading worldwide, these corporate giants have left no stone unturned in reaching the maximum number of consumers throughout the globe.

The Indian Fast food market, fairly young as compared to the U.S, has seen an exponential growth as well and is expected to grow up to 27 billion dollars by 2020. This is a big number and in a country where traditional food is still valued a lot. Still, corporate giants have managed to make quite a fortune. Driving the growth of the Indian fast food industry, these brands have not only entered the Indian market but have made it their very own. McDonald’s entered India in the mid-90s and had to adapt to the Indian people in order to survive and get the best results. Other major brands that followed have used its example and followed suit. With a well-planned and structured growth, these brands have gained a lot of loyal customers.

Some of the most successful brands in India are:-


McDonalds is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. It is the world’s largest restaurant chain with 35,538 outlets in about 119 countries. It primarily sells cheeseburgers, French fries, soft drinks, chicken products, milkshakes etc. McDonalds started operations in India in 1996. It changed its menu to suit to local people in the country. It has 213 restaurants  and plans to add up 20 more by 2020, according to Amit Jatia, Vice president, Westlife Enterprise, a master franchise for McDonalds in India (Source : The Hindu). It has also opened 45 McCafes in 2015 and is expected to open 140 more in the coming years.


Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC, is a fast food chain that specializes in fried chicken. It is the world’s second largest restaurant chain with about 20,000 outlets in 123 countries. It is one of the first American brands to expand beyond the shores of America. The first KFC restaurant was opened in Banglore in 1995. The brand has been expanding since, with about 350 KFC outlets in India at present. The standard KFC menu has been adapted to Indian tastes by offering products like Hot and Crispy Chicken, Fiery Grilled Bucket, Chicken Zinger Burger, Rice Bowlz, and a range of shakes called Krushers.


Domino’s pizza is an American based international pizza restaurant and delivery chain. It was founded in 1960. It has expanded to 81 countries and is the second-largest pizza chain after Pizza Hut. India is the largest market for Domino’s after the United States. It has some 1004 stores across 230 cities in India. Some of the products offered in India that have been internationalized are Paneer Pizza, Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza, and Kheem Do Pyaza pizza. Its franchise in India is owned by Jubilant Foodworks, an Indian company.

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut is known for its Italian-American cuisine menu. The company has over 15000 locations worldwide. Pizza Hut entered India in 1996. It is one of major Pizza making chains in India after Domino’s. It has some 135 outlets in about 45 cities. It too had to customize its menu and add more vegan products to its menu. It also owns pure vegetarian restaurants.


It is a fast food restaurant franchise based in America that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads. It is the fastest growing franchise in the world with 44,852 restaurants worldwide in 112 countries. It is the largest single-brand restaurant operator in the world. Subway opened its first restaurant in New Delhi, in 2001. It does not serve beef and pork, due to various religious beliefs of the Hindus and the Muslims. It has 395 outlets in the country and has an extended vegetarian menu exclusively in India. It too owns a few pure vegetarian restaurants.

 Even though the consumers of these brands are increasing throughout the country, the major success that they’ve had has involved stepping some land mines. To get more and more sales and profit they’ve neglected safety and health of the public a lot of times. Here are a few things that reflect that these brands do in fact have a dark side:-

  1. These foods are full of preservatives and additives to make them last longer and these carry a serious harm.
  2. The food served is hardly fresh and is stored for long period of time. As India lacks proper storage facilities food is never stored properly and this not only causes harm to our health but also wastes a lot of food.
  3. Behind a very decorated counter, there is a kitchen where hygiene is never maintained. There have been instances of insects cooked along with pizzas, burgers, etc.
  4. The food contains a lot of fat making the youth obese.
  5. The prominence of these chains has caused many local businesses to go out of business causing people their livelihoods.
  6. They’ve created unemployment and they don’t give proper wages and working conditions to their own employees. This makes them work extra on holidays without paying them extra.

Thus, behind all of their mesmerizing dishes and menus, these brands have major pitfalls and care about nothing but profits.

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