November 12, 2016
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November 14, 2016

7 Indian snack recipes for your child that yell health and taste, both  



Cooking tasty snacks for her kids is a pleasure for every mother but the idea of cooking and preparing new snacks every day can prove to be a huge headache. Coming up with new recipes each day is not easy. Thus, to fulfill our craving for new snacks every day our mothers have to turn to ready-made snacks. Readymade snacks, as we all know are not good for the health. And keeping the health factor in their mind every mother in every kitchen comes up with her own snacks that are both yummy and healthy.

Purely homemade with a touch of love, these recipes are full of spices that are easily available and add their health benefits keeping the kids healthy. Some of these recipes are brilliant in terms of ideas and appeal. Some of the best ones are:-

Paneer Bread Roll :- It can be made from bread slices, cottage cheese, and fillings made of paneer and peas. Because of using paneer it is a heavy snack, but if you want a light snack you can use carrots, capsicum, etc. The filling is properly fried in cheese and brings in an amazing texture. They are meant to be served hot as they are crisp, when hot.

Spring Rolls:- This snack, derived from an array of Chinese snacks, is a great starter and can be served any time of the day. They go perfectly well with masala tea, black tea, etc. The spring roll wrapper can be made easily at home using wheat flour, rice flour, or plain flour. You can fill them with noodles or simply fry them with cabbage. Their crispy outer layer is contrasting to the softer filling inside making it a treat.

Stuffed Capsicum :- One of the healthiest snacks on the list, stuffed capsicum is a delight to have. Filled with vegetables and fried on the pan, this dish is full of colors and taste. You can use any vegetables to make the stuffing, such as carrots, peas, and cauliflower. You can also throw in some nuts like almonds and cashews to make it even more interesting.

Milk Poha :- A no-cook snack, milk Poha makes use of Poha, which is flattened rice and milk. Poha is generally processed with the husk, therefore keeping all the nutrients intact. You can add jaggery syrup, which is a natural sweetener, along with some nuts, and you can serve it hot or cold as you may. Serving it cold keeps the crispy nature of Poha alive, while with hot milk the soft Poha melts in your mouth which is altogether a different feeling.

Oats Egg Omelet:- It is a very quick recipe and can be used in breakfast. It requires eggs or egg whites, along with oat flour. The more chopped veggies you use the healthier it becomes. It can also be used as light lunch or dinner as it is quite heavy. If you want to use only egg whites then you should reduce the amount of oat flour you’re using just to balance the nutrients.

Mushroom Tikki:- A dish that can be served with tea, or with rice and rasam, mushroom Tikki is generally pan fried but to get the best taste you can deep fry them as it keeps most of the flavors and taste intact. They can be bound using mashed potatoes or “Besan”, the latter providing a fine coating to be fried easily. Packed with the health benefits of mushroom, you can easily add in more veggies to the binding and deep frying them to keep the nutrients.

Poha Chivda :- A salty and crispy snack, Poha Chivda is best served with tea or hot milk. You can add in fried nuts, peanuts, or some Namkeen to make it even tastier. It is a perfect snack for small kids who get hungry every now and then.

These are some of the easiest cooking recipes and they are packed with nutrition for your ever growing kids. Crispy, salty, sweet, and fried but made at home and served with a mother’s loving touch; these recipes yell health and taste at the same time.


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