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November 5, 2016
Diwali Food
Had too Many Sweets during Diwali? Here’s How to Lose Those Extra Kilos and Get Back into Shape! 
November 6, 2016

How a Change in the Season Affects One’s Health and How to prevent it! 

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An alteration in season indicates a change in the environment. The human body and its health are both closely related to the environment they reside in. Thereby, a change in the environment also brings about change in the health of people. A lot of people experience symptoms of unrest during the change of seasons. One reason for this is the strong effects and influences that light and weather exert on our mood. The effects of temperature changes can be so strong that they can spawn sleeping difficulties and increased tiredness as well as poor concentration competencies. For the most part, people do not note these imbalances in surfeit. However, if anyone is going through an episode with strong signs then they may be suffering from a clear case of seasonal affective disorder.

In a few alterations of the season, one may have a medical condition of emotional distress; this is because of the concentrated daylight hours in the colder seasons. This decrease in light will be attached to a transformation in the plan and a diminution of one’s active hours. Also, with the dropping of temperature, it is possible that our immune system damages as well. In a few other cases, the change of season also causes mental problems such as anxiety, rheumatic problems, depression, and migraines. Such problems are very much prone to happen in places which are situated in higher altitudes. The heat of summers dehydrates the human body and keeps a constant feeling of exhaustion and tiredness alive in our bodies. The hot weather also increases the euphoric and exaggerated moods thereby worsening the condition of maniacs as well as of people suffering from the very deadly bipolar mood disorder.

In order to put a stop to such extreme health issues, a few precautionary measures have to be taken. The most vital step is to consume foods and drinks which keep the body temperature regular thereby preventing the change in season to affect the body.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables: There are a number of fruits and vegetables available in the market. Every season offers a new and fresh variety of fruits and vegetables that are extremely healthy and helpful for that particular weather. In order to save oneself from the harsh health problems that come with every new season, a person should maintain a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetable intake. Fruits and vegetables not only help a person during the seasonal change, but they also have a number of other health benefits.
  2. Juices: Juices are basically the liquid form of fruits. It tastes extremely delicious and offers all the health benefits that fruits offer. The only plus it has over the raw fruit is that it is way easier to consume and the taste of the fruit gets better when it is turned into a juice. It is again a precious medicine to one’s body against the ill effects that the change in season brings in our body.
  3. Dairy Products: Dairy products like raita, paneer, lassi, etc. are another big aid for the prevention of ill health effects that seasonal changes invite. The foods in the Dairy Group provide nutrients that are vital for health and maintenance of our body. These nutrients include calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and protein. They provide phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B12, and riboflavin1.

Other ways of protecting yourself from being a captive of diseases caused by season changes are by limiting one’s sugar intake and maintaining a good pattern of sleep. Further methods are to save oneself from germs and harmful bacteria and wear clothing adapting to the change in season. With all of this, eating healthy is very important as it makes the body strong from the inside.

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